Sophie Horowitz

Rice University
Department of Philosophy
6100 Main MS-14
Houston, TX 77005-1827

email: sophie.horowitz at
Here is my CV.
I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Rice University. I work on epistemology - more specifically, higher-order evidence, permissivism, and formal and informal ways of understanding accuracy and epistemic value - as well as ethics and practical rationality. I am also co-organizer of TEX, the Texas Epistemology eXtravaganza.

Before coming to Rice, I was a graduate student at MIT. My dissertation focused on the relationship between epistemic rationality and truth. And before that, I went to Swarthmore College and studied philosophy and studio art.


Accuracy and Educated Guesses. Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Epistemology. [draft] [abstract]
*winner of the 2015 Marc Sanders Prize in Epistemology

Respecting All the Evidence [2015] (with Paulina Sliwa). Philosophical Studies 172 (11):2835-2858. [pdf] [abstract]

Expecting the Unexpected [2015] (with Tom Dougherty and Paulina Sliwa). Res Philosophica 92 (2):301-321. (Special issue on transformative experience) [pdf] [abstract]

Epistemic Akrasia [2014]. Noûs 48 (4):718-744. [pdf] [abstract]

Immoderately Rational [2013]. Philosophical Studies 167(1):1-16. [pdf] [abstract]

Book Review

Jonathan Kvanvig, Rationality and Reflection, OUP. Forthcoming in Mind. [pdf]

In Progress

Epistemic Utility and the Jamesian Goals. In preparation for J. Dunn and K. Ahlstrom-Vij, Epistemic Consequentialism, OUP. [draft] [abstract]

Uniqueness: A New Argument (with Sinan Dogramaci). In preparation for Philosophical Issues 26: Knowledge and Mind. [draft coming soon] [abstract]

Temporary Moral Status [abstract]

Predictably Misleading Evidence [abstract]


Theory of Knowledge. S15, F15. [syllabus]

Seminar: Topics in Epistemic Value and Normativity. S15. [syllabus]

Metaphysics. S16. [syllabus]

Problems of Philosophy. S16. [syllabus]